IV Therapy Treatments

Infuse your body with high-quality nutrients to fortify your health through IV therapy.

What does nutrient infusion do for your body?

Many of us cannot properly absorb key nutrients through our gut, which prevents our bodies from performing their best. IV therapy bypasses gut absorption by delivering key nutrients into your bloodstream for immediate and complete nutrient absorption. Nutrient infusions boost the nutrient levels in your cells (intracellular) and support your hydration, immune strength, natural detoxification, blood sugar balance, and more.

Livewell’s IV therapy programs are specific to your body. We provide pharmaceutical-grade IV supplements, monitor how they impact your health, and adjust your program as your nutritional status changes. Explore the various IV supplements we provide and get in touch with our team to start your IV consultation.

Nutrient Infusion Ingredients

Nutrient infusions are tailored to meet your specific health goals, but usually have common ingredients in all infusions, including:

Meet Your Wellness Team

Our team has a variety of health and wellness experts that care about helping you feel your best. Between clinicians, health coaches, and client support specialists – you will receive well-rounded guidance and care throughout your entire health restoration and transformation process.

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