Discover the Root Cause of Your Symptoms

Take an in-depth look at your body and your health to uncover the root cause of your illness or symptoms with the Livewell Clinic’s comprehensive biosystem testing and analysis.

What is biosystem testing?

The world in which we live is full of anti-health agents that were nonexistent or substantially reduced in past generations. The effects of these environmental toxins are in our water, our soil, our air, and ultimately, our bodies.
Our comprehensive biosystem test detects environmental toxins in your body, determines your health status, and provides you with a clear path toward healing.

The Five Biosystems

We test the five main biosystems of your body to get the complete picture of your current health and determine the best path toward restoration and healing. These biosystems include:

Meet Our Clinicians

Livewell has built a team of esteemed experts in functional medicine eager to help you create a path toward health and wellness. Our priority is empowering you with the tools and knowledge you need to heal and nourish your mind and body and become the best version of yourself. Get to know more about the team that will support you.

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Ready to take a proactive approach to your health?

Understand your body and how to properly heal it by taking our comprehensive biosystem test. Reach out today to talk to our team about your health goals and get your test scheduled.

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