Functional Medicine Clinicians, Health Coaches, and Care Team

Choose a care team that prioritizes your body and your health. The Livewell Clinic team is complete with experts in functional medicine to help you navigate your health journey.

Meet Our Team

Functional Medicine Clinicians

Dr. Zac Watkins Livewell Provider

Dr. Zac Watkins

Founder & Functional Medicine Doctor

Patient Support Team

Spenser Atwood Livewell Clinic

Spencer Atwood

Director, Practice Growth

Erin Clanton Livewell Clinic

Erin Clanton

Patient Support Team

Christina Davis Livewell Patient Relationship

Christina Davis

Patient Relationship Manager

Kelsey Prince Livewell Support

Kelsey Prince

Patient Support Team

Tammy Watkins Livewell Support

Tammy Watkins

Team Integrator

Medical Wellness Team

Beth Richards Livewell Infusion RN

Beth Richards

Infusion RN

Hannah Sanders Livewell Clinic

Hannah Sanders

Infusion RN

Gina Shultz Livewell Infusion RN

Gina Shultz

Infusion RN

Nutrition team

Brian Dubyak MS, CISSN, NASM-CNC, IIN Coach

Brian Dubyak

Nutrition Team Member

Maria Dubyak Headshot-2

Maria Dubyak

Health Coach

Destini Thompson

Destini Thompson

Certified Nutrition Coach

Brandi Bio Photo

Brandi Musick

Certified Nutrition Coach

Let’s Talk About Your Health Goals

We want to hear about your health challenges and goals. Reach out to our team so we can start working together on your path toward living well.

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We get it – tackling your health goals can be intimidating. We’re here to answer any questions you may have and help you get started.

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