How to Rebuild Your Body's Natural Wellness

Understand the complexities of your body, from hormones to gut health, so you can comprehensively restore and strengthen your body's natural healing and wellness.

Get to Know You and Your Symptoms

Let’s start by understanding what brought you here. Maybe you’ve been dealing with unexplained symptoms and unsuccessful treatments, or maybe you’re just ready to make healthy lifestyle changes. Whatever it may be, we take the time to understand you and your symptoms to determine what needs healing first.

Digestive Issues Livewell

Digestive Issues

Common Symptoms:

Abdominal Pain
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
Acid Reflux
Autoimmune Diseases Livewell functional medicine practitioners

Autoimmune Diseases

Common Symptoms:

Joint Pain & Swelling
Skin Problems
Abdominal Pain
Digestive Issues
Recurring Fevers
Swollen Glands
Fertility Livewell functional medicine practitioners


Common Symptoms:

Weight Changes
Mood Swings
Low Libido
Mental Wellbeing Livewell functional medicine practitioners

Mental Wellbeing

Common Symptoms:

Brain Fog
Low Moods
Difficulty Concentrating
Changes in Weight or Appetite
Hormone and Thyroid Health Livewell functional medicine practitioners

Hormone and Thyroid Health

Common Symptoms:

Hair Loss
Low Libido
Brain Fog
Irregular Cycles
Weight Changes
Extreme Thirst or Hunger
Unexplained Symptoms Livewell functional medicine practitioners

Unexplained Symptoms

Common Symptoms:

Irregular Periods
Joint Pain
Brain Fog
Health Guidance Livewell functional medicine practitioners

Health Guidance

Common Symptoms:

Weight Gain or Loss
Unhealthy Habits
High Blood Pressure
Chronic Illness

Dig Deeper to Discover the Root Cause

Understanding your symptoms and health history is the first step in your journey, but to fully heal your body we help you uncover the root cause of your symptoms. Your body has pathways of sensors, signals, and messengers that communicate what you need to know about your health – it just may not be in the “language” you understand. Luckily, Livewell knows how to interpret these messages for you by testing and analyzing the five key biosystems of the body so you can finally uncover the root cause of your symptoms.

  • Reproductive & Hormonal System

  • Neurological System

  • Metabolic System

  • Digestion & Gut Health System

  • Immune System

Reproductive & Hormonal System

As your body’s core messaging system and the source of reproduction, we test this biosystem to gain a deeper understanding of your current hormonal and reproductive health status and focus on areas of concern like thyroid function, blood sugar, stress, and male or female sex hormones.  

Neurological System

The nervous system manages all your bodily functions and your ability to interact with the outside world. We review biomarkers that indicate the health and integrity of this system by uncovering inflammation, hormonal imbalances, stress levels, and other markers that indicate your nervous system health.

Metabolic System

This system controls how your body converts what you intake into energy and vital nutrients. Your metabolism involves numerous organs, including the heart, liver, and pancreas, which we specifically test and measure to understand your current metabolic health.

Digestion & Gut Health System

Your gut is foundational to achieving a healthy and balanced body. We conduct testing to determine your body’s ability to digest and absorb nutrients and adequately eliminate toxins. Discovering improper gut function helps explain and treat chronic diseases, symptoms, or declining bodily functions.

Immune System

Your immune system is your best defense against infections, but it can also be the cause of inflammation, body breakdown, and a decreased ability for your body to repair itself when you have immune dysfunction. We review your immune system’s resistance and ability to fight infection and determine how to improve its function.

Find the Right Path for Your Health Journey

Uncovering more about your health history, genetics, environment, and root causes will empower you to set specific and attainable health plans and goals. There are a lot of paths you can take to achieve those goals, which include individual care plans, nutrition support, biosystem testing, or nutrient infusion routines to restore your health.

Care Plans Livewell functional medicine practitioners

Care Plans

Personalized care plans that give you the tools and guidance you need to meet your health goals.

Biosystem Testing Livewell functional medicine practitioners

Biosystem Testing

Learn about your current health levels by participating in our comprehensive biosystem testing that looks at over 60+ key health markers.

IV Therapy Livewell functional medicine practitioners

IV Therapy

IV therapy provides restorative and proactive nutrient infusions to help you feel better and stay well.

Achieve a Healthier Body and Mind

Your health is constantly evolving, as are your needs and goals. Livewell helps you stay in tune with your body by monitoring, analyzing, and adapting your health plans as needed. In addition to continuous support, we also provide nutritional medicines derived from the finest ingredients to keep your health on the right track.

Meet Your Wellness Team

Livewell has built a team of esteemed experts in functional medicine eager to help you create a path toward health and wellness. Our priority is empowering you with the tools and knowledge you need to heal and nourish your mind and body and become the best version of yourself. Get to know more about the team that will support you.

Kelsey Prince Christina Davis Dr. Zac Watkins

What Our Clients Say

Erin B

Erin B

Livewell has totally changed my life! I travel from Omaha to see the Livewell team. The entire office is so knowledgeable and helpful. I was suffering from pain and chronic infections. The Livwell Clinic got to the root cause in my first visit. 6 months of making recommended changes and I feel amazing! Highly recommend!!

Michell Tapps

Michell Tapps

The team at Livewell is amazing, and they have helped me so much! They are straightforward and dig to find the root cause of issues. Love them!

Roxie Schrader

Roxie Schrader

Been chronically ill for years. Seen tens of doctors, drove countless miles, spent thousands of hours in waiting rooms and put a vast array of pills into my system - to no avail. Been working with the Livewell Clinic for about a month now and every day I feel better than the last.

Ryan S

Ryan S

The Livewell Clinic is great! I highly recommend them. Everyone is very friendly and professional. The functional approach to medicine is so refreshing. It is root cause analysis, not take this pill to feel better…and then take another pill to fix the side effects of the first pill. They take the time to help figure out what needs to be corrected and then help support you along the way of implementing those changes. It’s a simple approach, but not easy. You have to be ready to take ownership of your health and be willing to do what’s needed to feel better. I love that the most important result isn’t about numbers, it’s about making you feel your best. I was worried when I first went in that I was never going to feel better. Dr. Zac and his staff gave me hope. It is possible to feel better. And they were right! Very happy I found the Livewell Clinic!

Melissa Keen

Melissa Keen

Livewell has literally changed our lives and I will be forever grateful! Mayo Clinic couldn't even get to the bottom of one of our family member's health issues. Within 1 month Livewell practitioners knew exactly what the root cause was, and had a plan to address it (using a series of tests). Everyone at the clinic is very friendly, helpful, honest, and caring. I can't imagine going anywhere else for chronic illness. Thanks to Livewell we are on a path of hope ane healing! If you or a loved one has a chronic illness, don't waste your time with traditional medicine and drugs. It will just cover up the underlying problem(s) and possibly cause more issues with whatever drug(s) they put you on. Give functional medicine a try... it's truly worth every penny!!

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