Dr. Zac’s #1 Recommended Health Supplement To Get Your Body Ready For A Busy 2022

As this year winds down, we at PlatformHealth have started considering 2022 and how to get our patients and customers the very best start possible to the new year.

Our work in Functional Medicine means that we believe there is more success in preparation, setting up the factors for success, rather than trying to course-correct midstream and untrain ourselves from bad habits.

For you, that means starting off the year with a proactive approach to your health is better in the long run than trying to make up for lost ground in February or June. Think of it like this: If you stop now, you’ll be back to where you were before you started, which is wanting to be where you are right now. 

Sleep, exercise, and diet – all take some work and discipline to maintain, especially through the holidays. But if you can make it to the start of a new year with most of your resolutions intact, then we can help get you the best start possible to meeting all your health goals in the new year?

But where should you start, and is there anything we can recommend today to help you? You bet! To create a better 2022, we want you to begin with: Immunity.


If you’ve been a customer or patient of PlatformHealth and the LiveWell Clinic for any length of time, you know that we talk a lot about the Biosystems that most affect a person’s wellbeing. And top of that list is the immunity Biosystem.

The primary reason for keeping your immune system highly functional is, of course, to ward of sickness and disease. And keeping your immune system in top condition will do this both in the short term as well as in the long term. Everything from the common cold and flu to heart disease and cancer is in some way affected and regulated by the immune biosystem.

But a healthy immune system also propagates a healthy life. What we mean is that as you give your immune system what it needs to thrive, it gives back to you what you need to thrive: increased energy, better sleep, stronger muscles, bones, and joints, and more.

In short, the healthier you live, the less activated your immune system is. And the less activated your immune system is, the healthier you live. This cycle is what perpetuates better health when it’s present and aggravates poor health when it’s not.

For this reason, taking care of your immune system should be right at the top of your list of resolutions for 2022.



Okay, we know the immune system is important and why it’s important. And we know we need at least three ingredients (sleep, exercise, and diet) to keep it healthy and optimal. But now, let’s talk specifics.

    • Sleep: Quite possibly the most underrated activity of any 24-hour period, sleep is often treated like an afterthought. But making it a priority is a crucial, basic step to improving your immune system and life in general. Without proper sleep, it’s not just hard to be active, it’s hard to rest. How much do you need? We say 7-8, but we mean 8. And if you get 9, even better. No joke – you want a healthier 2022\immune system – get to bed.
    • Diet: Let’s hit the big ones first: reduce or remove your intake of excess sugar, carbohydrates, fat, dairy, and sugar. Did we mention sugar twice on accident? No. Get way more veggies and lean proteins, fish, and moderate fruit intake. 3 cups of veggies, 2 cups of fruit. For starters. Don’t forget healthy fats from things like avocado, nuts, whole eggs, chia seeds, and all-natural peanut butter.
    • Movement\Exercise: 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise, or around 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise a week. For that first category, that’s about 30 minutes a day for 5 out of 7 days. For the second one, that’s about 25 minutes a day, 3 out of 7 days. Your body was designed to be in motion, and when it stays sedentary for too long, your immune system can’t fight off the accumulation of problems that accrue. Give your immune system a break and get moving. We have a killer bodyweight exercise program that’s challenging, can be done anywhere, and takes about 10 minutes a day to get you started. Check it out here.


So, we’ve talked about immune health, and we’ve talked about some everyday factors to help that. We want to mention one more.

PlatformHealth has designed a line of supplements to help people just like you and us get a little extra boost in help when and where we need it in our pursuit of better health. Whether that means supplements to help adults and children get their daily allotment of nutrients and minerals, or increase life-giving Vitamin D intake, or boost immune systems, PlatformHealth has you covered.

To kick off 2022 with a bang, Dr. Zac Watkins, found of the LiveWell Clinic and PlatformHealth, has singled out ImmunoShield as the #1 most important supplement you can start taking today, that will pave the way for a healthier 2022. Its primary function, we’re sure you can guess, is safeguarding and building up your immune system. A shield for your immune system. And now, for the whole month of December, you can take 10% off any purchase of ImmunoShield when you use the code DRZAC22 at checkout. 

To the extent that you safeguard your immune system, you safeguard yourself. And we’re here to give you all the help we can to make it easier and better.

Of course, we also believe that elements like our Lab PanelHealth Coaching, and IV Infusion Therapies are also great ways to improve your health! If you’re interested in one or any of those, we’d love to hear from you.

Here’s to ending 2021 with resolve and starting 2022 in the best shape of your life!

Want a healthy start to 2022?