IV’s Aren’t Just a “Trend”

We’re sure you’ve seen this “trend” of IV therapy being offered as an add-on service at several med spas. It seems as though this type of treatment plan is being portrayed as a “quick fix” for various health problems. Sure the blend of vitamins and supplements used may cure your hangover, but an IV drip is not going to solve the problem if you don’t know what the problem is. 

What is IV therapy? IV therapy enhances nutrient absorption by delivering vital nutrients throughout your body more efficiently and effectively than typical oral absorption.  At Livewell, we utilize IV therapy as an effective tool. We trust only professional nurses to administer these fluids and ensure we use high-quality nutrients to fortify your health.

Why would you need IV therapy? Many of us cannot properly absorb key nutrients through our gut, which prevents our bodies from performing their best. IV therapy bypasses gut absorption by delivering key nutrients into your bloodstream for immediate and complete nutrient absorption. Nutrient infusions boost the nutrient levels in your cells (intracellular) and support your;

  • Hydration
  • Immune strength
  • Natural detoxification
  • Metabolism
  • Intestinal health
  • Muscle recovery
  • Energy and more

With our IV therapy, one treatment won’t cure all the problems you are experiencing. We recommend a Livewell Panel which can identify any deficiencies your body may have and conduct several treatments alongside other recommended practices to help you reach your health goals altogether. We utlize IV Nutritional Therapy as an adjunct support to your unique metabolic needs and goals. 

See the bigger picture that IV therapy can offer at Livewell. Call us today to schedule an initial appointment and chat with us about what treatment can look like for you.